ParSecure X-API

You can integrate ParSecure X-API with your firewall devices, open source firewall software and other security products and protect all your information systems in the network against cyber attacks. ParSecure X-API is updated live by the ParSecure Cyber Intelligence system.

With ParSecure X-API, you can take your existing security products out of being a classic security product and proactively get protected against ransomware and data leakage attacks.

When you purchase the ParSecure X-API product, you get ParSecure cyber security software for free. In this way, you can ensure that cyber attacks coming directly to your servers are detected, blocked and viewed through the web interface.

Thanks to its private web interface, you can get access to the following;
1) Cyber attacks detected globally,
2) IP addresses and whois information of the cyber attacks that you are directly targeted by,
3)The countries where you are attacked from and the number of attacks,
4) Usernames used in brute force attacks on your servers,
5) IP addresses you are protected from by ParSecure cyber security program,
6) Your ParSecure installed servers and licenses,
7)White and Black List menus where you can manually add or remove IP addresses,
8) and the Live Cyber Attack map, powered by ParSecure sensors only.


Early Detection