Cyber Intelligence Service

ParSecure has positioned its sensor systems in 32 countries, including Turkey. IP addresses of ransomware and data leakage attackers are detected with the aid of Sensor systems. The detected IP addresses are scored and forwarded to the update and monitor databases. Despite the security measures taken by the institutions, hackers capture vulnerable systems in the countries where the institutions are located and organize their attacks through these systems. ParSecure sensors also detect such attacks and transmit them to update and monitor databases.

ParSecure sensors detect the IP ranges used by large attacker groups, the IP addresses of the keyloger malwares, the command control servers of the ransomware malwares, and the IP addresses that the files in the email attachments are trying to reach, and transmit them to the update and monitor databases.

The ParSecure team is engaged in threat intelligence on DarkWeb and DeepWeb. In addition to all these, the ParSecure team contributes to the ParSecure cyber intelligence database by analyzing the current tools and attack methods used by hackers while producing solutions to many ransomware and data leakage cases worldwide.

Sensor systems as well as the datacenter detect brute force and similar attacks on the servers of ISP subscribers and institutions captured by the attackers and inform the relevant institutions with the ParSecure alarm center.

ParSecure sensors can detect spoofed IP addresses and provide feedback.

Thanks to its sensors, ParSecure provides threat intelligence in the areas listed above, transmits it to the update database, and thus enables ParSecure Cyber Security products to be updated live.


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