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Cyber intelligence Our cyber intelligence service is a monitoring service that allows the cybercrime unit in many countries to see the target country, the attacking country and how many attacks have been made. We Have Strong Business Partners Our 19 years of experience and our business partners inland and abroad are proof that we do our job with dedication and confidence. Cyber Security Consulting We offer Professional solutions to your corporate needs to protect yourself against attacks.



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Early Detection System

ParSecure sensor systems are already positioned in 32 countries including Turkey. Offensive IP addresses of Ransomware and data leakage attacks from all countries of the world to countries where ParSecure sensors are positioned are detected live and scored and sent to the update server.

Instant Protection

ParSecure cyber security products receive live IP addresses from the update server and block them. In this way, it provides instant protection against possible intruder IP addresses.

Compatibility with Operating Systems

ParSecure X1 works in Windows Operating Systems, and ParSecure X-API provides a unique security for the entire network regardless of the operating system in firewall devices or by positioning it in between firewall / switch

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The ParSecure Story

In 2016, ParSecure started to work on recovering data damaged as a result of increasing ransomware attacks. ParSecure Team has produced successful solutions in data recovery of hundreds of cases of ransomware in 17 countries, including Turkey. Accordingly, they had the chance to analyze the most up-to-date attacking tools and methods used by hackers.  In 2017, The ParSecure team captured the private key server of Crysis & Dharma ransomware, announced by the FBI as the highest-earning ransomware group, and produced solutions to hundreds of cases worldwide between the first quarter of 2017-2020.