The Most Effective Way to Prevent Ransomware and
Data Leakage Attacks

Parsecure X1 Cyber Security Software

A good antivirus software detects viruses, and firewall devices provide security in line with the rules you define and must be managed very well.

The ParSecure cybersecurity software is updated live from the ParSecure cyber intelligence service and protects you against attackers before the they target you. But most importantly, you do not need to manage. It does many of the actions itself. Thanks to the ParSecure infrastructure and technology, your system will instantly have a secure, invisible and unique protection against cyber attackers. ParSecure is the most effective way to get protected from ransomware and data leakage attacks.

What Does ParSecure Protect You Against?

1) Thanks to ParSecure's own intelligence sensors in many countries, it provides live protection against brute force and similiar attacks. (RDP, FTP, * SQL, SMB, etc.)
2) It protects your servers and data against target-oriented Ransomware (ransomware, cryptolocker, etc.) attacks..
3) It protects you against attacks that may come from Dark Web and Deep Web, by providing intelligence.
4) It provides you protection against attacks from tens of thousands of unique IP addresses used by hacker groups.
5) It protects your servers from hackers against data leakage.
6) It prevents access to IP addresses accessed by files with encryption macro codes in email attachments. (Applies to ParSecure X-API.)

In addition, thanks to its private web interface, you can get access to the following;
1) Cyber attacks detected globally,
2) IP addresses and whois information of the cyber attacks that you are directly targeted by,
3) The countries where you are attacked from and the number of attacks,
4) Usernames used in brute force attacks on your servers,
5) IP addresses you are protected from by ParSecure cyber security program,,
6) Your ParSecure installed servers and licenses,
7) White and Black List menus where you can manually add or remove IP addresses,
8) and the Live Cyber Attack map, powered by ParSecure sensors only.


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