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In 2016, ParSecure started to work on recovering data damaged as a result of increasing ransomware attacks. ParSecure Team has produced successful solutions in data recovery of hundreds of cases of ransomware in 17 countries, including Turkey. Accordingly, they had the chance to analyze the most up-to-date attacking tools and methods used by hackers. In 2017, The ParSecure team captured the private key server of Crysis & Dharma ransomware, announced by the FBI as the highest-earning ransomware group, and produced solutions to hundreds of cases worldwide between the first quarter of 2017-2020. Crysis & Dharma group, which could no longer make money from its attacks, disbanded and did not operate for about 6 months. Nowadays, It is trying to find a place with the GoGoogle ransomware malware. The ParSecure team, which has produced successful solutions against many similar ransomware malwares, started developing cyber threat intelligence and cyber security products against ransomware and data leakage attacks after moving to Turkey's first and largest thematic technopark IT Valley in 2018 thanks to their experiences. ParSecure has succeeded to export security software to many countries such as Germany, Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Portugal, Sweden etc.

ParSecure aims to ensure that the information systems of its customers are always smooth and uninterrupted, and to provide maximum security of their data.

ParSecure is a registered trademark of Bilişim 112 Software Trade.Co.Ltd.

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